Growing God’s Church

The churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.

ACTS 16:5

House Churches
Church Construction Kingdom Growth

We encourage the growth of house churches throughout India. Sometimes this is impractical once the numbers outgrow the space, or when locals start complaining to the authorities about the loud singing. Too often, charges of forced conversion are placed upon the pastor which holds a 4-7 year jail term, depending on which state it is. Baptisms and conversions are strictly forbidden in India. None the less, pastors continue to baptize new believers. We provide support to construct small churches like the one you see to the right. We built this church in 2021. The costs vary depending on the location. If land is being donated, the building itself is usually under $7,000.

Something else we have been providing is transportation for young energetic, hard-working and faithful pastors – usually in the form of motorcycles. We give them $1,000 and they have to come up with the difference to get the bike they want. Usually, that’s an additional $200. We also go to showroom with them and help them through the whole buying process, take photos and celebrate their brand new purchase with them. Motorcycles help pastors reach more people in difficult terrain like mountains and rain forests.