Persecution Aid

Christian Persecution

Here is the Scenario as of September 2023

India now ranks as the 11th most dangerous country for Christians on the 2019 World Watch List, and 8th for the most violent attacks on Christians. I are personally aware of pastors who have been stoned and caned. One family is in jail awaiting trial. Certain states are more affected than others, but this is a huge problem across the nation. On any Sunday morning, a Hindu mob could enter your church and start ransacking it, hitting the parishioners with long sticks and even attempt to burn the church down. Christianity and Islam are considered minority religions in the current Hindu Nationalist political environment. The idea is, unless you belong to one of India’s national religions, you are not considered Indian.

Leaders have vowed to rid the country of Christians.

Please Help us to Provide Emergency Food Rations to Displaced Christians.

A Message from Pastor Jay
Kolkata, India

According to the Constitution of India, “India is a secular country” where every citizen has freedom of religion. But unfortunately, this secular country is being forced to change its form to a “Hindustan” (Land of Hindus) and there are lots of Hindu organizations, political parties and others are increasing more day by day those forces are trying to destroy the minorities of God’s work in the ground.

Even in the land of India it is difficult for God’s people to work. God has chosen us, so we are assured of God’s calling.  We never think of people retreating. We are preaching this Gospel without hesitation; we are also giving alms by God and God’s people to the poor and needy.

Exodus 17:8-13 – The Power of Prayer and the Team of Prayer.
We are practicing and looking to develop the members of our strategic prayer team who will regularly pray for us and stop the persecution. We pray that God’s Kingdom will come soon!

1. Multiplication
2. Maturity
3. Transformation
4. Sustainability

So please remember us in your prayers and pray for the land of India and South Asia to become the land of Christ.

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