Have you ever been in a pit of absolute and utter despair . . . where the tools and tasks of daily survival tear at the threads of your most profound resolve?  What would you do if you had no God in who you could bleed your deepest yearnings and sufferings; a God with the infinite knowledge of your most intense fears and desires?

I would be lost – adrift on the expanse of a choppy sea . . . anxious and terrified . . . drifting and coasting on a vast ocean of ambiguity; the very ebb and flow of their existence.

From birth, they are stigmatized and marginalized to the permanence of persecution. They have no understanding of a God who intimately loves them and yearns to be their Lord; a God who can cast a gleam of hope onto their hairline horizon of resignation.

Hope radiates a brilliant beam of light into the bleak caverns of our souls.  It erupts the flame and fire of vigor from the abyss of a crushed constitution and fuels the slightest spark of promise . . . the possibility that’s buried beneath a landslide of social oppression.

Hope is what ignites in the sooty embers of these souls, void of hope in a culture that stifles ones’ worth as a child of the Almighty God.

Journey with us on the wave of compassion and be engaged as a beacon of hope to the hopeless.

I have scraped against the craggy shores of poverty and dejection in this land of darkness. My prayer is that there is no end to the ripples of ratification being released onto a buoyant sea of restoration and healing for the people of India.