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Building Community | Restoring Hope

Joyful Sounds

In only two years, we’ve grown an effective, economically efficient nonprofit which promises to change the tide of poverty in thousands of children’s lives. We have supporters, but not nearly enough to effect the kind of changes that we are expecting to see. The children I work with have many forces (economic, social and generational)…
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Forty Days

Today I leave behind a world I’ve learned to love. If I were to sum up this seventh visit to India and Nepal in a word, I’d say “impossible.” No one could ever sum up this country and its people. With 2.3 billion people and 3.5 million gods, how would anyone be able sum it…
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It’s almost December and it’s cold in northern India.  Children often go without warm jackets and huddle around fires of burning plastic just to stay warm. #respiratory-ailments. I took this photo two years back.  The street kids had just started a fire with plastic while their father was off drinking (obviously trying to stay warm…
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When winter hits northern India and Nepal, the nights go below freezing.  Homeless families and kids who live in the slums can be seen burning plastic and whatever else they can find from about 3 pm and into the night.  The plastic fumes cause all sorts of respiratory problems.  Their homes have no heat source…
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When it rains during the great monsoon season in India, transport is difficult – especially when you’re a school kid living in poverty.  Who wants to arrive to class soaking wet?   Your generosity makes it possible to buy new raincoats for the nearly 200 children that attend this educational tutoring center for migrant children living…
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In the mountain regions, not every village is provided with a school which means that students have to go to other villages for their education. And parents usually do not send their daughters to school, leading to a failure in achieving rural education in India.  The good news is that there are individuals who are…
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