Month: April 2019

Building Community | Restoring Hope


This morning, I awaken to music coming from the “Dance Studio” outside my second floor window at 5:30 AM. Not the worship kind you are seeing in the photo. I had been tossing and turning on what seemed like a sheet stretched over a piece of plywood for a bed, and then this music invaded…
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There is a reality of desperation in these young people’s souls. On some level, they know they live in unjust circumstances. Every day is a battle – for food, water, love. They may seem like they are reaching out for a few rupees – but it’s more than that. They want normal lives; the kind…
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Even better than a birthday or wedding celebration, these boys have reason to share their joy! I’ve known these kids for five years. One of our main objectives is to mainstream slum-dwelling children into the educational school system. Otherwise, they would have no future to speak of. You see, these kids grew up scavenging their…
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